About Us

Alchemist & Druid Formulations is a two-woman creative team from Ontario, making comics, illustration and prose. We like to dabble in different genres, including fantasy, horror, romance, and biology education; themes we enjoy include historical and/or Canadian settings, twists on classic mythology, and LGBT+ casts. We collaborate heavily on all aspects of our projects, from idea generation to the final product.

The Alchemist - L. Wolinsky

The Alchemist (Lisa Wolinsky), the writer and inker, shares a house with her husband and her cat. She keeps a dozen different hobbies for when one of them gets boring, though she has yet to ever get tired of playing tabletop RPGs. She has two science degrees, hunts asbestos for a living, and has always been passionate about creative writing and world-building.

The Druid - M. McGee

The Druid (M. McGee), the artist, colourist, and editor is a freelance illustrator specializing in horror, dark fantasy and comics. They enjoy gardening, reading, and rummaging through every second hand shop they come across.